About Us

About Us

On 3 Feb 09, Church of the Risen Christ launched a new faith formation ministry - F.R.E.E. - Faith Renewal, Exploration and Evangelisation. With the help of videos and other media today, F.R.E.E explores innovative, fun, informative and challenging ways to help Catholics to deepen and live out their faith.

Our goals are:

(1) to build discipleship by helping our parishioners to get more enthusiastic about their faith in Jesus Christ.

(2) to create and nourish small groups where parishioners can share and grow together and

(3) to empower our parishioners to make more of a difference in the world around them.

Our Mission

Living our Faith through Renewal, Exploring and Evangelising the good news with those around us.

Who can join

We welcome everyone who is interested to learn about, and grow in the Faith.

Frequency of meeting

Weekly, Modular sessions, each series has about 5 or more sessions.


Registration for Video Series is online or at our registration counters set up at the Church


Parish Hall @ Church of the Risen Christ

Sessions are on



7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Leader / Representative

Justin Wong (Main Coordinator) Contact No: 97518718

Email address